About Graphic Design

I have been a graphic designer for over 33 years.

I graduated from Auckland Technical Institute in 1985 with a Diploma in Graphic Design, in the days before computers. When everything was done by hand. Using markers to do layouts to show clients, getting type set and laying up artwork by hand. It is very different today when I can do everything myself on the computer and send a PDF off to get printed.

Right from the beginning I have had a philosophy of getting an understanding what a client requires and designing to that requirement. That has held me in good stead over the years, whether designing in black and white or colour.

The way I work now in book design, with the ability to illustrate either with pencils or paint, getting this scanned and bring it into the photoshop or illustrate in the computer with vector art or digital painting, and then compile the book in Adobe InDesign, is pretty amazing. This gives me flexiblity in what I produce.

Have a look at some of my graphic design work in my portfolio.